Dr Ron Johnston 

PhD (ecology of  UK upland moorland)  

BSc Ecology. Env., Biology

{Fellow Royal Geographical Society}

Environmental Education 

Education for Sustainable Development

Ecosystem and Landscape Studies.

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After many rewarding years as senior lecturer and curriculum designer on undergraduate and post-graduate chemistry and biology programmes with University of Wales, my main focus now is environmental education and education for sustainable development  in the UK and internationally. 
Embedding sustainability issues (ESD) as a core element of science teaching and associated curricula continues as a major feature of  my teaching and research activities.
Education for Sustainability (a more useful term than education for sustainable development) reaches beyond the physical human impacts on natural environments to include many other socio-scientific socio-economic issues embraced by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  These are discussed further in the "ESD" and "my publications "  sections on this site.  
I was science consultant 2016 - 2018 and lead author for the science chapter of the UNESCO publication: Textbooks for sustainable development- a Guide to Embedding. Developing the concepts underpinning this work and their subsequent practise  has taken me to several Indian states supporting curriculum reform embedding ESD - in particular to Sikkim in Himalayan India - where embedded ESD at all levels is applied as a major tool for addressing sustainability issues.  
My other (related) activities are in the field of ecosystem studies. These concentrate on upland heather moorland   and  derelict land   and  landscapes of conflict . Perhaps surprisingly, these ecosystems have many attributes in common. 
A relatively new (2019) development of these is a series of three 26 min films. The first of these was completed 2019 and is available to view in Film & Media section of this site. It is also available as a teaching resource on request. These films explore the "built-in" sustainability processes of natural ecosystems and how understanding these processes can inform our efforts to achieve sustainable futures and repair past and current abuses of the natural environment. 
Links  to relevant pages are underlined in the text above and develop these main themes further. 


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